Friday, June 13, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Well the boys are still gone camping and I went out with a friend tonight for a girls night out! Jeni you are awesome and I had a BLAST! We will have to do that again sometime! Sisterhood is the BEST and I am thankful for the friendship we share! You know when you get that feeling you have a lot in common with someone and that you feel really comfortable around them? Well, that is how I felt around you tonight! It was so-ooo awesome to have girl talk! Thanks for the fun night Jeni :)


Tink said...

Thanks! I was truly uplifted and had some good belly laughs! You are a wonderful and beautiful friend. Let's get together again! Yak at you later.

Rob said...

We missed you honey. It sounds like you didn't miss us at all, you went out partying while we were gone. j/k I'm glad you had fun.