Sunday, August 31, 2008

I survived my talk in sacrament!

It's over! Now I can relax :)
Thank you to my sweet husband,
family and friends for all your
love and support with my talk! I
got a huge surprise when my
sweet Aunt Phyllis that lives in
St. George drove all the way up
to hear Rob and I speak today :)


Rulon and Ivadel said...

We are really proud of you & Rob! You did a wonderful job! We felt the spirit really strong while you both spoke today.
We love you eternally,
Dad & Mom

Tink said...

You both did such an INCREDIBLE job! I really felt the spirit of your talks and the hard work you put into it so that we could all feel the spirit and message you were to convey. It was truly an uplift! I thought it was so awesomke that your aunt drove all that way to be there, too! What amazing support you have! Kudos!!

Angela said...

That's great your talk is over with now, you put in a lot of time into it! I'm sure you did an excellent job! I am happy for you, hope it will be a long time before you're asked to give another one lol :)

Martin Hillman said...

I’m glad it went well. I was just thinking about you a few minutes ago. We had Fast Sunday since it's regional stake conference this coming weekend. Have a great day!

shauna harker said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony and words of wisdom on Sunday. You shared a beautiful message and with such confidence! The spirit was really strong! I was especially touched by the confidence you delivered your message and testimony with. Thank you! Thank you also for your kindness to me and our family. Your friendship is special to me.

Sarah said...

My mom said you both did a fantastic job! I was going to come with her but I had to teach.

Rob said...

I ended 5 min early. I'm not as good as Shauna is at talking.

Mom2my9 said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Doesn't it feel so great to get a talk over with? Hopefully you can rest for at least six months!

susette said...

That's really nice your husband spoke with you. We have some major anxiety issues in our home and so nobody will speak in church except me, and that's even a challenge. My son getting ready to go on his mission at the end of the month is determined that he doesn't have to give a farewell talk. He thinks it isn't required to go on a mission. I just remind him about obedience and covenants. We'll see what happens with lots of encouragement and love right?